PREORDER ! Bundle Adafruit Altoids sized blank tin + Custom decals set

Save money ! Buy a bundle with a decal set and a tin for your MintyPi
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You are buying this as a preorder. Preorders are open from 5th of November to 30th of November 2018. The tins will be shipped during the first week of December.

Save money, get a complete bundle !


1) The tin

Those tins are not cheap Chinese knockoffs. They are genuine tins from Adafruit and have the same size as Altoids Mint tins. You can buy them and build your MintyPi safely inside.

Why choose a blank tin ? Because you can customize it and have something not alike the other builds.

  • Top lid outer (not lip): 2.36" (59.9mm) x 3.75"(95mm)
  • Tin bottom: 2.3" (58.75mm) x 3.7"(93.9mm)
  • Inner: 2.24" (56.9mm) x 3.6"(91.5mm)
  • Height bottom section: 0.83" (21.28mm)
  • Height top section: "0.36 (9.26mm)
  • Corner radius .55" (14mm)


2) The vinyl stickers

MintyPi custom decals to be applied to a blank tin for a custom look.

You will give your MintyPi a different look.

Fits perfectly the tin. Comes with a front lid decal and a bottom decal.

  • Printed stickers on high glossy vinyl sheet
  • Factory die cut to correct size
  • Cut with rounded angles
  • Print based on HD vector @300dpi
  • oil, water, U.V. resistant finish
  • Unwanted material removed at the factory so you just pull the sticker from the paper and stick it


If you prefer to buy the decals set and Altoids sized Adafruit tin separately, follow those links

You can buy custom decals for your tin here

You can buy Adafruit branded blank Altoids sized tins here


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