Battery Label LiPo 125054 4000mAh

Vinyl sticker for your Game Boy battery - Original custom design
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Do you want a cool look for your Raspberry Pi powered Game Boy builds ? Then dress your battery.

Stickers designed for the LiPo 125054 batteries rated at 4000mAh (12mmx50mmx54mm / 3.7V / 4Ah) for a perfect customization !

Fits perfectly the back and front of those batteries. You can buy them from Ebay or AliExpress to power your GameBoy modding, just look for "LiPo 125054".

Those batteries requires no modification to the battery tray of the GameBoy at all !

  • Printed stickers on high glossy vinyl sheet
  • Factory cut to correct size
  • Corner round cut
  • Print based on HD vector @300dpi
  • Oil, water, U.V. resistant finish
  • Unwanted material removed at the factory so you just pull the sticker from the paper and stick it


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