FCC Regulatory for CM3

Vinyl sticker for your DMG shell back - Original custom design - Gives a more finished look to your GameBoy Compute Module 3 build
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Do you have a blank space on the back of your GameBoy Zero shell crying for a dress ? This is for you.

FCC regulatory sticker for Raspberry Compute Module (CM3) based builds ! Especially designed for Game Boy with Kite's Circuit Sword and embedded Raspberry Pi Compute Module (Kite's CSO CM3)

Fits perfectly an original or aftermarket Game Boy barcode location.

  • Printed stickers on high glossy vinyl sheet
  • Factory die cut to correct size
  • Color print based on HD vector @300dpi
  • oil, water, U.V. resistant finish
  • Unwanted material removed at the factory so you just pull the sticker from the paper and stick it



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